House of Colours

Life is like a piece of art work’  – A portrait telling the story of Hilde Stockman, the founder of the non-profit organization ‘House of Colours’.

Turnhout, Belgium

House of Colours is an open house, a network. It is a family that is formed beyond blood ties out of people gathering and supporting each other. They are not homeless but stand strong in the society as role models. This network and this house has the ability to give shelter to young people in need searching for a home, a family and the sense of belonging. It should be clear that most of the persons shown in this video don’t live in this house. Some have temporarily lived here, some still do, but most are visitors looking for each other’s company to relax, find joy and support. Together with the network we organize projects on peace building, development, education and integration.’ Hilde Stockman  –

Directed by Anneke Verschave. DoP, Camera and Editing by Yéssica Agudo.

Watch the portrait here