Watch the Party Promo here! 

Videoclip for the Opening of our brand new location on the KISSINGER Club Circuit: old-Renault Garage.
Saturday 4th May, starting at 23h. 3 stages, international and local dj’s, several pit pussies serving your drinks and stunning decoration. Wanna have a lap dance? Join the Kissinger Racing Grand Prix.

Director: Oliver Rynders
Production: Gregorio Gory Willems
Filmed & Edited by: Yessica Agudo
Casting, Styling: Gregorio Gory Willems
Models: Amelie Lens & Rosalie De Meyer (Soren), Nina Van Moppes, Marlies Zoons
Make up: Mary Younan
Photographer: Fabian Battistella
Assistent production/catering: Yannick Depré
Car: Berlinette A110(950) by Jef Beyers
Music: KISS cover by VIVE LA FÊTE. Remastered for this trailer.
location: Bob Van Aert’s garage, Ex-Kissinger location: Customsbuilding
Special thanks to: Oliver and Yessica for their devotion. Van Aert family: Bob, Jef, Rik & Ingrid Jonkers. Danny & Els(Vlf).