12 jan

Cartoni Animali

In Italy Door Anneke Verschave

We like to introduce you to a very nice man. His name is Roberto. His age 52. He will show us how to play a game!

Beside the river Tiber, in one of Rome’s most authentic areas, Trastevere, we met an amazing group of people, Perfareungioco.  We learned from them that the more simple the game you play, the more fun it becomes. And that relations between people are exactly the same… the simpler they are, the longer they will last.

Produced, shot and edited by Anneke Verschave. Music by David Schacherl ‘Playing with Betty’.

To receive more information about the projects of Perfareungioco send an email at!

19 nov

Karagiozis and the Marionette Maker

In Greece Door Anneke Verschave / 11/19/2014

When visiting the flea market of Thissio in Athens we got impressed impressed by the plays of Yannis Liagkos, a puppeteer who creates and sells handmade marionettes for traditional Greek Shadow Puppet Theatre.
Take a minute to discover a great shadow puppet character of Greek folklore! His name is Karagiozis, and he comes from Turkish shadow plays. Karagiozis is a poor hunchbacked Greek, his right hand is always depicted as being too long, his clothes are ragged and patched, and his feet are always bare. He lives in a poor cottage with his wife Aglaia and their three sons, during the time of the Ottoman empire. Because of his poverty, Karagiozis finds mischievous and crude ways to make money and feed his family. By performing in streets, markets, hospitals, schools, clubs and camps all over Athens, Yannis Liagkos is loved by young and old for his funny small shadow theater plays. He loves to pass on this piece of Greek tradition folklore to the younger generation, the theatre of shadows, the shadows of us all! In Yannis’s shows, children are always active participants, who help him in setting up the narrative with their questions and with their voices.

Starring, Yannis Liagkos. Music by Karagiozis. Produced and directed by Anneke Verschave.

To order Karagiozis figures mail to or call +30 697 3683639.


19 nov


In Greece Door Anneke Verschave / 11/19/2014

When our Director Anneke Verschave visited Athens she run into a very old and legendary character, originating from Turkey! His name is Karagiozis… His age, more then 200 years old! He will tell us a story in a Greek shadow-puppet theatre show!

Watch this video here!

14 sep

Buitenbeenpop Festival 2014

In Belgium Door Anneke Verschave
The 15th edition of Buitenbeenpop, a unique music festival for people with learning disabilities, took place in Leopoldsburg, in Flanders, Belgium, on Friday 29 August.
Apart from some classic Flemish and Dutch singers, people with disabilities also performed on stage this year.
The ART-is Band consists of no less than forty artists with learning disabilities from Malta, Spain, Iceland, Poland, England, Finland and Turkey, together with actors from the theatre group Leopoldsburg – Opening Doors.
The opening performance for the festival, ‘Supercell’, was led by composer Alex Otterlei who had been inspired by the ‘supercell’ storm which ravaged a trail of destruction throughout Belgium on 9 and 10 June 2014.
The piece also encouraged audience participation, with comedian Steven Goegebuer asking the public in advance to imitate the actions that the actors were about to perform on stage.
After Supercell, musicians from the Charity Stay Up Late from Brighton, England, performed a punk/rock/metal set bringing their own a cover version of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit, an original composition by Ryan O’Donovan and the song ‘You don’t need words where we come from’ written two days before in a workshop with participants in the ART-is project.
All this was made possible with the help of a two-year European project, ART-is.
ART-is is a Grundtivg Learning Partnership bringing together arts organisations and artists with learning disabilities from across Europe.
It started in Iceland in October 2013 and ends with a final festival in Malta in June 2015. There have also been performances in London, Brighton and Kälviä (Finland) with visits to Madrid and Warsaw lined up.
Shot, edited and story produced by Anneke Verschave. 2nd Camera by Icaro Maiterena.
08 sep


In Belgium Door Anneke Verschave

Op vrijdag 29 augustus vond in Leopoldsburg de vijftiende editie van Buitenbeenpop plaats, een in Vlaanderen uniek muziekfestival voor mensen met een beperking.

Naast onder meer Sam Gooris, Willy Sommers, Nicole en Hugo en Jantje Smit stonden dit jaar voor de allereerste keer ook mensen mét beperking op het podium.

Samen met gelegenheidsgroep The ART-is Band, maar liefst veertig artiesten met beperking uit Malta, Spanje, Polen, Engeland, IJsland, Finland en Turkije, bootsten de acteurs van de bijzondere theatergroep Leopoldsburg – Opening Doors een heuse regenstorm na. Voor deze openingsact liet Games-componist Alex Otterlei  zich inspireren door de supercel die op 9 en 10 juni een spoor van vernieling over ons land aanrichtte.

Vooraf vraagt Comedian Steven Goegebeur aan het publiek om de handelingen die de acteurs op het podium doen, na te doen.  Alex Otterlei, tevens pianist op het podium legt ons verder uit:

‘Door in de handen te wrijven bootsen we een zachte wind na. Dit gaat over in een hardere wind wanneer we met plastiek beginnen wrijven en in felle wind als we met plastiek buizen bewegen. Wanneer we in de vingers knipperen, begint het te druppelen… In de handen klappen betekent harde regen en stortregenen herken je als we op onze billen kletsen. De cymbalen staan voor bliksem, de drum voor de donder en de tikkende potjes zijn knetterende hagelstenen.’

Vlak na Supercell gaven de muzikanten van Stay Up Late uit Brighton er een stevige lap op met een rock/metal act.

Opening Doors en CC Leopoldsburg ontvingen de buitenlandse groepen in Leopoldsburg in het kader van het tweejarige Europese project ART-is. Dit sociaal-artistieke project rond kunst en volwassenen met een verstandelijke beperking – dat wordt gecoördineerd door CC Leopoldsburg – startte in IJsland in oktober 2013 en eindigt met een slotfestival in Malta in juni 2015. Tussendoor waren er ook al meetings in Londen, Brighton en Kälviä (Finland) en ook Madrid en Warschau staan nog op het programma.

Kijk hierboven alvast naar de sfeervideo van de act Supercell!

Composed by Alex Otterlei. Produced by Peter Bosmans.  Shot by Anneke Verschave and Icaro Maiterena. Edited by Anneke Verschave.


02 aug

The Cheesemaker

In Greece Door Anneke Verschave

For this video project we have been spending a while in Naxos, the biggest island in the Cyclades Archipelago! We met an amazing man, his name is Manolis… He showed us how to make the real Mizithra cheese and offered us a fantastic place to stay on his farm!

Watch now the promo video featuring a traditional Greek Cheesemaker. Produced, shot and edited by Anneke Verschave.

Manolis farm, Guesthouse, Glyfada, Naxos. tel: +30 6978812892.



30 jul

Manolis Farm

In Greece Door Anneke Verschave / 07/30/2014

We just come back from Naxos, the biggest island in the Cyclades Archipelago! We met an amazing man, his name is Manolis… He showed us how to make the real Mizithra cheese and offered us a fantastic place to stay on his farm!





12 jul

Ghent Festivities 2014

In Belgium Door Anneke Verschave

Last year our Director of Photography was visiting Ghent, in Belgium…  She landed in the middle of one of Europe’s largest urban, cultural festivals and made a beautiful impression of ten days of cost-free music surrounded by hundreds of  activities…

So why not visit Belgium these days and come over to the 171th edition of Gentse Feesten? From 18 to 27th of July in Ghent and free of charge!

DoP, camera & editing by Yéssica Agudo.