05 mrt

Gregor Kartai

In Belgium Door Anneke Verschave / 03/05/2014

For our next video project we like to present you our newest character… During the sixties he used to own the famous ‘Gypsy Basement’ in the city of Antwerp!

His name is Gregor Kartai. His age, 87. He will play the violin.

This video is coming soon! We keep you posted!!!

27 feb

Edely Pitioz

In Belgium Door Anneke Verschave / 02/27/2014

For a long time we are dreaming about filming some gypsy musicians…  Today we are happy to introduce you to our newest character for our newest video project coming up!

His name is Edely. His age: 69. He will play the piano.



20 feb

Striptease Vienna

In Belgium Door Anneke Verschave / 02/20/2014

Last month we met a special lady, her name was Vienna… she told us, whenever you are looking for a striptease in one of your parties… just give me a ring or visit my website!

Watch the promo video of Vienna by clicking here!




04 feb


In Greece Door Anneke Verschave

The very first Greek DH edit is finally here and FREE TO WATCH (English CC subtitles). The film features the big name athletes from the first ever DH Open Cup and captures all the highlights from the season. Our Cretan Producer/ Director, Emmanouel Armoutakis, had the opportunity to be at and film all seven races of the Down Hill Open Cup.  When the racing season was complete he traveled all over Greece to shoot more of the riding scene. He interviewed many of the athletes and race directors from the series. After two trips to the mainland and days of editing he managed to make this documentary film to screen at the closing ceremony of the DH Open Cup.

“After a year full of races, gathering the footage wasn’t easy. Then I decided that something was missing, interviews and extra shots filmed in every place where a race took place. I also include some extra places just to get an image of how downhill, as a sport, is standing amongst other activities in Greece. Now I can finally  show it to the rest of the world … so you can see what downhill is like for us, here in Greece. I hope you enjoy..!”  – Emmanouel Armoutakis.


19 jan


In Greece Door Anneke Verschave

Today we like to present you the Mountain bike film ‘REVOLUTION’.
This first feature-length downhill film in Greece is created by our Cretan director/ producer Emmanouel Armoutakis and includes wonderful footage from races of the 1st National Downhill Cup Open. For this Armoutakis was shooting for a whole year long on many different races on different locations in Greece!

Watch now and enjoy!

Click CC for English subtitles!

08 okt

The Cabinet Maker

In Belgium Door Anneke Verschave

We are proud to present you our newest portrait about a talented cabinet maker we met recently in Antwerp, Herman Van de Velde.

06 okt

Pivokio meets Gepetto

In Belgium Door Anneke Verschave / 10/06/2013

Marcel introduced us to our next character for our newest video! Coming soon…
His name is Herman. His age 48. He plays the cabinet maker.

14 mrt

House of Colours

In Belgium Door Anneke Verschave

Today we were visiting Turnhout. We met a woman, her name is Hilde. She invited us for a coffee in a very special house… As we entered the place, we found us surrounded by people coming from all over the world… We could feel a great energy and had an amazing afternoon. Afterwards, we decided to shoot a portrait!