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Documentary: 4 Days of Optimism

In Greece Door Anneke Verschave

(CC) – English subtitles – subtítulos en Español – Nederlandse ondertiteling!

At the start of Holy Week we are proud to present you our brand new documentary ‘4 Days of Optimism’.

A short written by Anneke Verschave. Shot and edited by Emmanouel Armoutakis. Narration by Sofia Galanaki. Music by Giorgos Xylouris – Oi Kampanes tou Agiou Mina.


In Crete, as in the rest of Greece, Easter is a big thing… and so are the preparations for it. Thanks to Ioannis Siatitsas, professor at the University of Heraclion, we had the opportunity to film the people in Loutraki, a village situated under the Vigla pike (κορυφή Βίγλα) of the Koudouni mountain (όρος Κουδούνι), about 20 km from the city.  And with Siatitsas help also the Panagia Ierousalem Monastery opened its doors for us. The monastery’s first records dates from 1654.  It is devoted to the Holy Jerusalem. We took part in the ceremonies on Good Friday, (Paraskevi). On Easter Saturday we visited the Epanosyfis Monastery, one of the biggest monasteries on Crete. Situated about 32 kilometers from the city of Heraclion and 2 km far from Metaxochori village. The monastery is dedicated to ‘Agios Georgios’. On Sunday we took part in a very special game…  Nikolis Avramakis, one of Heraclion’s best actors, showed us how to play it… the winner will be lucky for the rest of the year!


We feel like telling you a story, its more than just a story, cause in this we keep the faith.

We want to make you see that story, from our mediterranean sun-kissed heart. We welcome you to our island, the Island of Crete.

When I was young my mother told me, “Come and make the eggs!” It’s something we feel to do… otherwise we just feel sad… The eggs are born to give us life but we want to colour them red, like this we start to cry for all the blood he shed…

As friday comes we need as well to prepare the church… We take the flowers we could find in nature and we prepare her very well.

I don’t know how to explain, but itís like some part of me, like a person just has passed away being part of my family.

That day the sky is always full of rain so we keep sad and cry all day. And mountains turn to black and pain, so we keep sad and cry all day.

No more music there to make us happy, we are just sad and cry all day. The next day is a total different “cry”, a cry to be so white and happy.

 So happy underneath my skin, like my soul just starts to fly… unlocked from its bones.

When the priest gives us the light, its like I keep the God right into my hands.

And because we don’t like people to betray us, we must burn Judas from our lands.

When I see the lamb like that, I donít feel bad… You know we used to steal the lamb from Turkish lords?

And itís not so bad to see the head, cause we know we must eat it just like this!

My grandfather…he told me a story. For nobody to find out the stolen smell… he used to bury and bake it under the ground,

And like that he survived well!

Anyone in this entire world will recognise in its own way, but this is a story we trust in, even until today.


With special thanks to Stella Liandraki, Christina Liandraki, Ioannis Siatitsas, Nikolis Avramakis, Popi Mavraki, Giorgos Mavrakis, Ioannis Manioros, Dimitris Manioros, Maria Gargeraki, Ioannis Varsamas, Ioanna Kontaxaki, Maria Kontaxaki, Eva Armpatzaki, and Korina Avramaki.


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‘4 Μέρες Αισιοδοξία’ σημερα στις 20:20 το Kriti TV!

In Greece Door Anneke Verschave / 04/19/2014

Θα θελαμε να σας ενημερωσουμε οτι σημερα το βραδυ στις 20:20 το kriti tv θα προβαλει το βιντεο μας ‘4 Μέρες Αισιοδοξία’ μην το χασετε!!!

Tonight, ‘4 Days of Optimism’ will be broadcasted on CreteTV at 20:20! Don’t miss it!

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4 Μέρες Αισιοδοξία – 4 Days of Optimism

In Greece Door Anneke Verschave / 04/16/2014

Πέρυσι η σκηνοθέτιδα  μας Anneke Verschave έφθασε στην Ελλάδα κατά τη διάρκεια της Μεγάλης Εβδομάδας!  Ήθελε να κάνει ένα ντοκιμαντέρ μαζί με τους ανθρώπους της Κρήτης και άρχισε να ψάχνει για τους ανθρώπους που θα  την βοηθούσαν στο Ηράκλειο. Μια κυρία ονόματι Πόπη γνώρισε την Anneke στο γιο της Γιώργο Μαυράκη, που είναι ένας από του πιο γνωστούς ραδιοφωνικούς παρουσιαστές στην πόλη. Όταν η Anneke είπε στον Γιώργο ότι έψαχνε για έναν κάμεραμαν, αυτός τη συμβούλευσε να έρθει σε επαφή με τον  Μάνο Αρμουτάκη. Όταν ο Μάνος  άκουσε  για το ντοκιμαντέρ, ακύρωσε την ίδια στιγμη τα σχέδιά του για το Πάσχα και αποφάσισε να εργαστεί κατά τη διάρκεια της Μεγάλης Εβδομάδας.

Εν μέσω της Μεγάλης Εβδομάδας είμαστε περήφανοι που σας παρουσιάζουμε το ‘4 Ημέρες Αισιοδοξίας’. Ένα σύντομο  ντοκιμαντέρ από την Anneke Verschave. Πλανα και μοντάζ  Εμμανουήλ Αρμουτάκης. Αφήγηση από τη Σοφία Γαλανάκη. Μουσική από τον Γιώργο Ξυλούρη – Οι Καμπάνες του Αγίου Μηνά.

Last year our Director Anneke Verschave arrived in Greece during Holy Week! She wanted to make a documentary together with the people of Crete and started to look around for people to help her in Heraclion. One lady named Popi, introduced Anneke to her son George Mavrakis, the city’s best known radio presenter. When Anneke told George she was looking for a cameraman, he advised her to call Emmanouel Armoutakis. When Armoutakis heard about the project he canceled the same day his private plans for Easter and decided to work during Holy Week.

This year we are proud to present you ‘4 Days of Optimism’. A short by Anneke Verschave. Shot and edited by Emmanouel Armoutakis. Narration by Sofia Galanaki. Music by Giorgos Xylouris – Oi Kampanes tou Agiou Mina.