17 okt

Meeting People – Let’s show them what we’ve got! European Disability Arts Festival, Malta 2015

In Malta Door Anneke Verschave

Last June an amazing group of people with learning difficulties started to create a theater performance at St James Cavalier Center of Creativity in Valetta, Malta.

On the first day Belgian Director Stefan Perceval starts by saying that he wants to mix the performances of the different countries. The subject will be ‘meeting’. What does ‘meeting’ mean to you? Can anyone find an image that shows what ‘meeting’ means to you?   One participant, Aldi explains: ‘Meeting means ‘friendship to me’ ‘Okay’, asks Stefan, ‘How can we make an image of ‘friendship’? Who wants to be friends with Aldi? Several participants join in.

In the afternoon, Stefan Perceval continues to collect the raw material of the participants. Some participants have a strong idea of what they want to perform (stories, songs, poems, dance…), other participants are more shy and need a little push to perform. Stefan Perceval tries to find a way to integrate all the ideas and to involve as many participants as possible. During this afternoon, differences in points of view and some tensions emerge, also due to the tight time frame.

At the end of the first day all artists receive an official invitation to meet and greet on a garden party at the British High Commissioner’s in celebration of the Magna Carta.

The second day is the day of the show! After a morning of final rehearsals parents come up to see how the artists put all the pieces together. At the end of the day Art-is welcomes Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, the President of Malta.

The Disability Arts Festival is the final meeting of the two-year project called ART-is which is funded with support from the European Commission through Grundtvig Partnership under the Lifelong Learning Programme. It brings together several European partners, who are artists with learning difficulties and arts organisations from different European countries!

Directed by Stefan Perceval and Marit Stocker. Music coordination by Alex Otterlei. Tekst written by Kris De Visscher. Video directed, camera & editing by Anneke Verschave. Subtitles by Giuseppe Cardia, Alessandro Castaldo and Rοdrigo Gonzalez.

Thanks to all the organisators and participants at the festival including The Opening Doors Board, Directors and volunteers, The Opening Doors Theatre Group, The Opening Doors Dance Group,  (Joanne Butterworth, Justin Spiteri, Kevin White, Leanne Fenech, Sarah Linda Polidano, Brian Gauci, Sandra Mifsud, Nicole Cuschieri, Charlotte Stafrace, Janitha Stubbs, Anthony Attard, Lou Ghirlando, Anna Formosa, Rachel Calleja, Ilona Attard, David Borg, Veronika Stivala, Darryl Formosa, Coryse Borg, Zoe Camilleri, Stefania Cateranella, Valentina Azzopardi, Martina Georgiana, Estzer Joo, Jason Abdilla, Laura Musicat, Edward Tabone Valetta, Redeemer Chetcuti, Andrew Spiteri Debono, Caroline Bajada, Steve White, David Bezzina, Priscilla Vella, Josephe Fenech, Maryjo Abela, Daniel Micallef, Silvana Cassar, Christine Farrugia, Jean Paul Fenech, Peter Fenech, Maria Mifsud, Saviour Pace, Andria Spiteri).

The Creative Ways Partners in Spain (Ana Varela Vizcaino, Maria del Carmen Parapar Garcia, Jose Manuel Ulla Sanmiguel, Jose Vicente Otero Ferandez, Sabela Lopez Vazquez, Catuxa Pereira Cacheda),

in Germany (Axel Frund, Alexander Braun, Karin Poad, Tristan Poad, Alexander Poad, Caroline Mielke, Lia Mielke, Tanja Boklubas),

the Art-is Partners of Belgium (Evi Hermans, Els Govers, Jessica Cuyvers, Yvette Van Hees, Mariano Ranuncoli, Ben Mannaerts, Fons De Block, Marlene Stans, Anny Camps, An Verstraeten, Gerda Cox, Sara Plessers, Peter Bosmans, Alex Otterlei, Marit Stocker, Stefan Perceval, Kris Visscher),

of Finland (Sanne Tornikosti, Ossi Peuraharju, Sari Hiltunen, Niina Perander), Iceland (lfhildur Stefansdottir, Svandis Ragna Sigurdardottir, Olafur Hauksson, Sigudur Gislason, Gudlaug E Jonatansdottis, Erla Bjork Sigmundsdottis, Axel Benediktsson, Larus Sigurdsson),

of Poland (Katarzyna Diana Marek, Aleksandra Stenka, Patryk Jozwik, Marta Powlowska, Katarzyna Gontarczyk, Jadwiga Luczak),

of Spain (Rodrigo Gonzalez, Noemi Diaz, Adolfo Palacios, Jesus Diaz, Marta Cobos, Enrique Gonzales, Marcos Lazaro)

of Turkey (Umit Cevre, Erhan Ariturk, Cahit Ergun, Mahir Okay, Bayram Erkol, Fatih Ariturk, Nedim Dincklan, Selami Cetinkol, Cuneyt Canbolat, Ferhat Kokolan, Mehmet Sami Cetinkol)

and out of UK, StayUp late and Heart and Soul (Susannah Hall, Mikey Reynolds, Fraser Caygill, Berhana Wells, Daniel Wakeford, Maria Stacey, Paul Richard, Barry Wakeford, Carol Wakeford, Madeline Denny, Kate Ogden, Lizzie Moore, Mark Williams, Richard Pheonix, Catherine Dunne, Tilley Hughes and the piggie Dell, Lizzie Emeh, Wayne Taylor and Aldean Blair).



27 jun

European Disability Arts Festival

In Malta Door Anneke Verschave


ART-is (Inclusion and Self-development of adults with learning disabilities through the ARTs, 2014-2015) is a project who has been funded with support from the European Commission (GRUNDTVIG – Lifelong Learning Programme).  





26 mrt


In Belgium Door Anneke Verschave

In Café Ciné Rex in Zandhoven vond afgelopen maand de 6de editie van Josrock plaats. Het was de eerste Josrock zonder de geliefde cafébaas Jos Van Tulder, die vorige zomer overleed. Maar toch was hij in gedachten van velen nog erg aanwezig…

Last month Pivokio was invited for the 6th edition of Josrock, a small music festival founded by an enthusiastic group of youngsters and dedicated to Jos, the owner of Café Cine Rex. Although Jos passed away last summer he’s definitely getting missed in many hearts living in Zandhoven!

Music by Santgarden, CCC, The Baboons, DJ Tommy V. Produced by Dimitry Pas. Story, shot and edited by Anneke Verschave.

19 nov

Karagiozis and the Marionette Maker

In Greece Door Anneke Verschave / 11/19/2014

When visiting the flea market of Thissio in Athens we got impressed impressed by the plays of Yannis Liagkos, a puppeteer who creates and sells handmade marionettes for traditional Greek Shadow Puppet Theatre.
Take a minute to discover a great shadow puppet character of Greek folklore! His name is Karagiozis, and he comes from Turkish shadow plays. Karagiozis is a poor hunchbacked Greek, his right hand is always depicted as being too long, his clothes are ragged and patched, and his feet are always bare. He lives in a poor cottage with his wife Aglaia and their three sons, during the time of the Ottoman empire. Because of his poverty, Karagiozis finds mischievous and crude ways to make money and feed his family. By performing in streets, markets, hospitals, schools, clubs and camps all over Athens, Yannis Liagkos is loved by young and old for his funny small shadow theater plays. He loves to pass on this piece of Greek tradition folklore to the younger generation, the theatre of shadows, the shadows of us all! In Yannis’s shows, children are always active participants, who help him in setting up the narrative with their questions and with their voices.

Starring, Yannis Liagkos. Music by Karagiozis. Produced and directed by Anneke Verschave.

To order Karagiozis figures mail to or call +30 697 3683639.


08 sep


In Belgium Door Anneke Verschave

Op vrijdag 29 augustus vond in Leopoldsburg de vijftiende editie van Buitenbeenpop plaats, een in Vlaanderen uniek muziekfestival voor mensen met een beperking.

Naast onder meer Sam Gooris, Willy Sommers, Nicole en Hugo en Jantje Smit stonden dit jaar voor de allereerste keer ook mensen mét beperking op het podium.

Samen met gelegenheidsgroep The ART-is Band, maar liefst veertig artiesten met beperking uit Malta, Spanje, Polen, Engeland, IJsland, Finland en Turkije, bootsten de acteurs van de bijzondere theatergroep Leopoldsburg – Opening Doors een heuse regenstorm na. Voor deze openingsact liet Games-componist Alex Otterlei  zich inspireren door de supercel die op 9 en 10 juni een spoor van vernieling over ons land aanrichtte.

Vooraf vraagt Comedian Steven Goegebeur aan het publiek om de handelingen die de acteurs op het podium doen, na te doen.  Alex Otterlei, tevens pianist op het podium legt ons verder uit:

‘Door in de handen te wrijven bootsen we een zachte wind na. Dit gaat over in een hardere wind wanneer we met plastiek beginnen wrijven en in felle wind als we met plastiek buizen bewegen. Wanneer we in de vingers knipperen, begint het te druppelen… In de handen klappen betekent harde regen en stortregenen herken je als we op onze billen kletsen. De cymbalen staan voor bliksem, de drum voor de donder en de tikkende potjes zijn knetterende hagelstenen.’

Vlak na Supercell gaven de muzikanten van Stay Up Late uit Brighton er een stevige lap op met een rock/metal act.

Opening Doors en CC Leopoldsburg ontvingen de buitenlandse groepen in Leopoldsburg in het kader van het tweejarige Europese project ART-is. Dit sociaal-artistieke project rond kunst en volwassenen met een verstandelijke beperking – dat wordt gecoördineerd door CC Leopoldsburg – startte in IJsland in oktober 2013 en eindigt met een slotfestival in Malta in juni 2015. Tussendoor waren er ook al meetings in Londen, Brighton en Kälviä (Finland) en ook Madrid en Warschau staan nog op het programma.

Kijk hierboven alvast naar de sfeervideo van de act Supercell!

Composed by Alex Otterlei. Produced by Peter Bosmans.  Shot by Anneke Verschave and Icaro Maiterena. Edited by Anneke Verschave.


12 jul

Ghent Festivities 2014

In Belgium Door Anneke Verschave

Last year our Director of Photography was visiting Ghent, in Belgium…  She landed in the middle of one of Europe’s largest urban, cultural festivals and made a beautiful impression of ten days of cost-free music surrounded by hundreds of  activities…

So why not visit Belgium these days and come over to the 171th edition of Gentse Feesten? From 18 to 27th of July in Ghent and free of charge!

DoP, camera & editing by Yéssica Agudo.


09 mrt

The Balaton Gypsy Orchestra

In Belgium Door Anneke Verschave

Today we present you a brand new Music Video Portrait,  full of gypsy fire!

Written and produced by Anneke Verschave.  Camera and editing by Yéssica Agudo. Spoken by Edely Pitioz. Music by The Balaton Gypsy Orchestra.

The Balaton Gypsy Orchestra is playing all over Belgium on weddings, birthdays, and whatever event you like to organise with some classic Gypsy Music..   Bookings and info:


Vandaag presenteren wij u ons nieuwste video portret,   vol zigeunervuur!

Het Balaton Zigeunerorkest treedt vandaag op in heel België op trouwfeesten, verjaardagen en andere evenementen!
Formule 1: Het ‘Balaton Duo’ (Viool & Piano) – ‘Gypsy Serenade’
Lichte klassieke luistermuziek met Hongaars Temperament, Weense Walsen en Klassiekers, o.a. Meditation van Thaïs – Tosselli Serenade – de Hongaarse dansen van Brahms, operettes van Frans Lehar en walsen van Johan Strauss.
Formule 2: ‘Balaton Trio’ (Viool – Piano – Accordeon – zang) – ‘Gypsy Fire’
Hetzelfde programma als Balaton Duo maar met een Hongaarse zanger, Stevan Kovacs.
Formule 3: ‘Het Balkan Zigeuner Orkest’ met Cymbalom en met Bas
‘Gypsy Concert’ – – Uitsluitend met Balkan muziek.
Wilt u deze band uitnodigen op uw feest? Stuur dan een mailtje naar of bel rechtstreeks met Edely Pitioz op het nummer: 0032 494 35 14 50



20 feb

Striptease Vienna

In Belgium Door Anneke Verschave / 02/20/2014

Last month we met a special lady, her name was Vienna… she told us, whenever you are looking for a striptease in one of your parties… just give me a ring or visit my website!

Watch the promo video of Vienna by clicking here!